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Stock Trading Tips Our Secrets, Setups and Stock Patterns

  • This page is the starting point for:
  • Interpreting the various terms of trading.
  • Understanding the pattern types and stages of charts
  • Deciding among various trading styles and money management techniques.
  • Applying the specific patterns to your own decision-making in executions.
  • An introduction is below, the menu is to the left.
  • Click among the menu items to learn more about using this site.
  • Keep your mind open, leave mainstream thinking behind.
  • Can’t find an answer to your question on this page or at any of its links?
  • You are invited (requested, actually) to contact us.
  • Our goal is to empower you in your trading, and no question is ignored.



All research is linked from the “LOGIN DASHBOARD“. It’s just one click away from the LOGIN link at the top  bar on the right of your main screen.

Special Features

You’re here for knowledge and research. You’re here to make money, so you probably want to jump right in. Or you can invest a few minutes to learn more about the features that AvidTrader provides to help you digest and apply new trading ideas. Then let’s start.

  • Dashboard. The first page that is displayed when you login to AvidTrader is the “Dashboard”. Links to all other areas are provided on this page, and all other pages link back to the Dashboard. If you want to “bookmark” one page on this site for easy access to everything else, it is the Dashboard.
  • My Account. You can manage your settings from the “My Account” link that is found at the top of the Dashboard. Everything from contact information and password, to chat display settings can be edited whenever you choose.
  • My Research. Whenever you find a research page that interests you, click on “Add to My Personal Research Folder” in the page’s top right corner. These pages will be added to your “My Research” page where everything you’ve selected will be just one click away. My Research also identifies when your selections were most recently updated, potentially saving you from scanning content that you’ve already read.
  • User Guide. This “User Guide” is an invaluable resource for making the most of your AvidTrader membership. Its is linked from the top of every page for easy access. Easier access is found by clicking on the various context sensitive help icons found in the research itself, to open the User Guide at the relevant page.
  • Logout. If you share your computer with others or access this site from a public computer, then we request that you “Logout” whenever you take a break from visiting. You can always login again from the top right corner of the site’s public pages. And if you ever forget your password, you’ll find an automated request on the Login page to have it mailed to your email address on record.
  • Tell a Friend. Don’t keep AvidTrader a secret. Use the “Tell a Friend” link found in the left column to invite your friends on board, and earn credits for everyone you refer that signs up. Credits will be applied to products available at AvidTrader.
  • Search. A handy search field in the top right corner of every page allows you to easily search for the mention of any stock, index or word. The results displays the location of each reference so you can further narrow down your search effort.
  • Free Stuff. All members include free access to the weekly “Prep Talk” publication, and to the daily “Rough Cut”. Also included is access to the “Bull#PIT” chat, the web’s oldest free-access traders chat that was launched in 1996.
  • Contact Form. The bottom of every page includes a link to the “Contact Form” where you can easily send your questions or comments to AvidTrader. Please don’t be bashful about writing – we want very much to hear from you about what on the site works for you, and what would work better.

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