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Prep Talk


Prep Talk is published during the weekend, and is included free with your membership. The publication should be read by the week’s open to bring you up-to-date with a variety of topical items that stand to impact and influence price action.

Weekly Report

The most obvious impact on price action is economic reports. Not just the market’s reaction to them, but also the anticipation ahead of their release. Occasionally, the market has been known to forget to anticipate a report, only to be blind-sided by its “surprise”. Macro-level items of interest are also noted.

Very handy: a summary of stocks that were mentioned during the weekend in various financial publications.

Tip: The weightiest economic data tends to be the monthly Employment report, which is released on the following month’s first Friday, one hour prior to the cash session’s open. Bonds are impacted, of course, from their general anticipation for how the data will influence interest rate decisions and borrowing.

Tip: Stocks can be impacted by the Employment reports, too, and quite a bit. Price action tends to become paralyzed on the afternoon ahead of the report. When it doesn’t, and prices trend instead, then that trending tends to be contrary to the ultimate reaction to the report.

Tip: Jobless Claims are every Thursday, also one hour before the cash session’s open. The report can have as dramatic of an effect on stocks as the monthly Employment reports, especially when there is a general jobs recovery or jobs loss underway.

Tip: Reports that are released during the cash session also tend to impact any trending that got underway at the open. Trending tends either to accelerate, or to reverse.

Tip: Be sure to check for stocks to which you are currently exposed or considering. The list can also be a source of ideas to monitor. But not necessarily as proscribed, because near-term price action tends to have played-out by the time its trending earns enough confidence to be mentioned in the national media.