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Complex Triangle

The complexity of a COMPLEX TRIANGLE isn’t really so complex. The triangle, itself, develops clearly. But unlike a triangle that is not complex, the COMPLEX TRIANGLE’s highs and lows are not a trend’s highs or lows. As reflected in the examples above, the triangle appears after an extreme’s reaction, forming the interim consolidation.

  1. Correcting
  2. Trending
  3. False break
  4. Breakout



All other characteristics of a non-complex triangle are found in a COMPLEX TRIANGLE. This includes volume decreasing as the pattern forms, and increasing on its breakout. Often, though, the breakout travels beyond the extreme by a distance equal to the triangle’s widest measurement.

Additionally, the reaction to the prior extreme’s retest can be very sharp, if not reversing the trend, then at least producing a substantial correction that retraces through the COMPLEX TRIANGLE’s peak.