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Often, one of the following patterns as influencing the price action of a stock or market covered in AvidTrader research. Click on any pattern of interest for more information about its characteristics, its stages and real examples:


Double Bottom, Double Top

Head & Shoulders


Rounding Bottom, Rounding Top

Symmetrical Triangle

Ascending Triangle

Descending Triangle

Complex Triangle

Trendline Touch


Pattern Stages




False Break


Fallen Star

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Lifetime Earnings Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much you're going to make over the course of your lifetime? We know we have. Finding out this total is important as it will help you to better prepare investment strategies for your retirement, and help you to manage your day-to-day living expenses as well.

The Lifetime Earnings Calculator can do just that – let you (and your spouse if applicable) know how much money you will make and manage over your working career. To figure out your lifetime earnings, all you have to do is enter your current age, estimate retirement age, current annual salary, and your expected annual salary increase percentage. Then, just press the “submit” button and a chart revealing your lifetime earnings will appear on the webpage.

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In many cases, you may be surprised to learn just how much money you and your spouse can make over a lifetime span. Of course, this calculator serves as a reminder that you must also practice money management techniques, so that you can save a sufficient sum for your retirement years. Thus, the Lifetime Earnings Calculator can serve an important tool in planning both for your retirement and day-to-day budgeting.

Avid Trader Industry Blog Updates:

Be sure that you visit the AvidTrader Blog where many Traders can share their ideas for more precise trading techniques and many other trading topics.  Top trading professionals will be visiting AvidTrader’s community as guest speakers to share their expertise as well.   AvidTrader is constanly adding new content with the purpose of giving all Traders more tools and information in order to make more money!  We are pleased that you have found AvidTrader. Join THE community for Traders today!

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Prep Talk → Reports/Events calendar... Stocks mentioned this weekend in Barron's and on Fox... Analysis.

Published each weekend, Prep Talk gives you a broad overview of what is already in focus and on the table for the week ahead. "On the Agenda" lists economic reports and market events that AvidTrader analysts believe have potential to influence price action. "Talking Heads" lists stocks that were mentioned in weekend financial news shows and publications. "Back in Time" and "First Reactions" summarizes the past week's price action within the context of AvidTrader's analysis, and what might be expected now. Access to Prep Talk is free with your subscription, and is a recommended first-read of the week.

Rough Cut

Rough Cut is raw research, various setups that are vulnerable to sudden and steep trending or retracement. AvidTrader applies several additional filters to further identify the most predictable and reliable situations.


The Technician  

To be a successful trader, you need to learn in a very specific manner if you want to have any chance for success.  If you deviate from this approach, your chances to become successful in the trading world are almost nonexistent. The solution can be found in how you look at trading. This is really the key to financial success in the trading game. The Technician can help direct you down the right path.


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