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Equities Modestly Higher Following Employment and Retail Reports


      The U.S. equity markets are trading slightly to the upside in early action, despite a larger-than-expected rise in domestic weekly initial jobless claims, aided by Dow member Wal-Mart Stores' stronger-than-expected quarterly results. Meanwhile, Dow component Cisco Systems topped the Street's profit projections, but offered slightly softer-than-expected 2Q guidance, while Kohl's Corp missed analysts' earnings estimates and J.C. Penney Co missed quarterly same-store sales forecasts and issued a disappointing 4Q outlook. Treasuries are trading higher following the … [Read more...]

Best Retirement Advice For The Proper Retirement Preparation


One thing that you should be ready for in your life is retirement. Sooner or later it will come and you would have to quit the life that you were used to. It does not mean that you have to quit earning completely. There are other retirees who are still working on their little business. If you are running your own company, you can choose when to retire and when to stop. Many people still work even after they retire. But there are some who are lying in a beach somewhere. To achieve whatever life you want to have after your working chapter, you need to consider the following retirement advice … [Read more...]

Looking For Good Retirement Advice


If you think that it is time for you to plan for the years that you are about to have, then this article was definitely made for that purpose. So, you better have the heart to give this source a chance. If not, then you would be the same person that you are without having something to look forward to when you get old. First of all, you will be obliged to save from this point onwards. Keep in mind that if you will not follow this retirement advice Inland Empire, then you will have nothing to invest in a bank. Thus, start with a small piggy bank if you are someone who really has trouble in … [Read more...]

Working With A Private Money Lending Company

Consumers are having a very hard time getting the funding that they need from conventional lenders. As a result, they are being to look to private money lending companies for alternative solutions. This is often a great way to get rapid approvals when wanting to submit an offer on a property that has been generating a high level of demand. The companies that offer these loans do not have a lot of strict requirements that borrowers have to meet. Although they might perform credit checks, their method of reviewing the related information is far less stringent. They are more interested in how … [Read more...]

Tips On Oil And Gass Investment Opportunities Texas

There are many ways in which people benefit from investing in the state of Texas. This part of the United States has become famous for oil and is also known for the generation of wealth for people who work in the Internet industry. Once it was only oil that could make money for people in this region who were not involved in cattle rearing. However through new oil and gass investment opportunities Texas residents have the chance to make lots of money. It is vital that you carefully evaluate any plan that is presented to you before you make a step to put your cash into it. Lots of profit is … [Read more...]

Don’t be afraid of the robo-adviser andndash; it might actually help you grow

It seems as though people have always been fearful of technology. In the 1980s, an Austrian bodybuilder with debatable acting skills became entrenched as an international icon portraying the end result of human engineering gone wrong. This genre-defining idea of sentient computers rising against their makers gave us a vision of a future where robots not only replaced, but also completely ruled over humanity. Pop culture has long been obsessed with the idea of technology replacing its creators. In the investment world, a similar terror has gripped many registered investment advisers as the … [Read more...]

Bill Gross bulls butt heads with bears in great bond debate

The gulf between bulls and bears has never widened so quickly in the $12 trillion market for U.S. government bonds. The proportion of investors betting on gains or losses in Treasuries, rather than holding a neutral view, almost doubled this year to 51%, a client survey by JPMorgan Chase & Co. showed. The 23 percentage-point jump is the most for the period since the top-ranked firm for U.S. fixed-income research by Institutional Investor magazine began its weekly survey in 2003. With Treasury yields at historically low levels, the stakes are rising as the Federal Reserve cuts back the bond … [Read more...]

A milestone day

Investment Insights: The Blogblog Jeff Benjamin breaks down the game for advisers and clients. Archives » Contact » RSS Feed » Jeff Benjamin covers investment strategies in his award-winning column, Investment Insights, and he isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get under the hood of any form of investment product aimed at financial advisers. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. … [Read more...]

Outlook for life insurance positive, depending on rates

The longer-term outlook for life insurance companies is a positive one — provided the companies can navigate low interest rates successfully. A poll of attendees at the Standard and Poor’s annual insurance conference in New York on Thursday revealed that 54% of the participants believed that low interest rates are the greatest risk facing life insurance companies. Policyholder options and guarantees came in second, with 21% of the vote. Even though interest rates have been low for years now, they remain a primary concern among investors who are interested in life insurers. Low interest … [Read more...]

LPL promotes two executives, does away with ‘marketing’

LPL Financial continues to shake up its management two months after Derek Bruton, its popular managing director for independent adviser services, resigned suddenly. The company Thursday afternoon announced the promotion of two executives, Mimi Bock and Ryan Parker, to managing directors. It's the first step in LPL's effort to reaffirm that the company is fully committed to its 13,600 affiliated registered reps and financial advisers, said Robert Moore, president of LPL Financial. “The power of affiliation” is the renewed focus, Mr. Moore said. “We want to declare that and be very … [Read more...]