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      by Larry Levin   There sure are a lot of people out there that simply can't handle the truth that is all around them. Some people seem to just hate any and all bad economic news. “Can't you ignore the bad news and just report the good stuff” they ask? In fact, a few relatives have asked me that very question, which was met with a hearty laugh. Others believe that the world revolves around what the idiots at MSNBC or Rush Limbaugh have to say. These extremely partisan robots therefore perceive anything out of that narrative with vitriolic hatred. … [Read more...]

Stocks Dipping as Ebola Concerns Meet Earnings Data


    The reported case of Ebola in New York is causing worries to flare-up, offsetting some upbeat earnings reports, and stocks are modestly lower in early action. Dow member Microsoft, UPS and Bristol-Myers Squibb all exceeded the Street's quarterly expectations, while Dow component Procter & Gamble matched estimates, Ford missed revenue projections, and posted a wider-than-expected loss. Treasuries are trading higher, ahead of a read on U.S. new home sales due out after the opening bell. Elsewhere, gold is nearly unchanged, while the U.S. dollar and crude oil … [Read more...]

Central Planning

Central Planning1

      by Larry Levin   A pathetic defense of central-planning, excuse me – central banking – was offered by the central-planning banker in chief of the USSA a few days ago: Janet Yellen. In her speech about “Rising Inequality” Janet spewed the following truth, but of course offered no true reason as to why it is happening - “The extent of and continuing increase in inequality in the United States greatly concerns me. … It is no secret that the past few decades of widening inequality can be summed up as significant income and wealth gains for … [Read more...]

U.S. Stocks Back on Track

Back on Track1

      After snapping their winning streak yesterday, the domestic equity markets are moving nicely higher in late-morning action, aided by some upbeat earnings reports and an unexpected improvement in eurozone business activity, led by a return to manufacturing growth for Germany. Dow members Caterpillar and 3M both topped analysts' earnings forecasts, along with Comcast and General Motors, more than offsetting profit misses from Dow component AT&T and Eli Lilly. Treasuries are trading lower on the gains for stocks, despite domestic reports showing a … [Read more...]

Messed Up

Messed Up2

      by Larry Levin   With another massive up day in the markets on Tuesday on dismally low volume, it is officially back to the baffling and the bizarre. Whatever the incumbent politicians will tell you in their stump speeches as we approach the mid-term elections, the "economic recovery" that we keep hearing about is less than stellar. Not that the politicians running against the incumbents seem to be offering any solutions. But the facts speak for themselves. Here are 19 truths about the state off the US Economy from the Economic Collapse … [Read more...]

Stocks Modestly Tack Onto Recent Rally


      The domestic equity markets are trading slightly to the upside in late-morning action, extending their recent rally, courtesy of upbeat earnings reports from Dow member Boeing, Yahoo, Dow Chemical and Broadcom. Meanwhile, a read on U.S. consumer prices showed inflation remained subdued, despite a modest unexpected increase in the headline figure. Treasuries are dipping despite the benign inflation data, which followed a jump in domestic weekly mortgage applications. Elsewhere, gold is lower and the U.S dollar is higher, while crude oil prices are mixed. Overseas, … [Read more...]



      by Larry Levin   Well things are back to “normal” for the time being. Earnings disappointments, check. Bad economic news, check. Market rebound, check. Another Central Bank sticksave, check. Yesterday it was IBM, today it is the other consumer-spending bellwether, Coke, to disappoint on earnings. But Coke didn’t just miss, it missed big, reporting $11.98 billion in sales, well below the estimated $12.12 billion. In addition, they had warnings about the future, guiding "below its long-term EPS growth target for 2014." Of course the shakiness … [Read more...]

Earnings Helping Stocks Move Higher


  The U.S. equity markets are extending yesterday's modest gains, ahead of a read on domestic existing home sales, while the Street is digesting upbeat earnings reports from Apple, and Dow members United Technologies and Travelers Companies. Meanwhile, European stocks are gaining ground on some favorable earnings reports in the region and speculation of European Central Bank bond purchases. However, other earnings from the Dow were mixed, with McDonald's missing analysts' same-store sales expectations, Coca-Cola posting softer-than-expected revenues, and Verizon Communications' … [Read more...]

Stocks Beginning the Week Mixed


        The U.S. equity markets are mixed in early action, following Friday's solid rebound to cap off a volatile week, with earnings season ramping up, while the domestic economic docket is quiet today. Dow member IBM is finding solid pressure after the company posted much softer-than-expected 3Q results. Meanwhile, overseas, European stocks are broadly lower in the wake of a lowered full-year profit forecast from Germany's SAP, while Royal Philips missed analysts' quarterly expectations. Gold is trading higher, along with Treasuries, while the U.S. dollar is … [Read more...]

QE 4

QE 41

      by Larry Levin   If you have been paying attention to the real reason why the Federal Reserve conducted QE2, Operation Twist, QE3, etc it is not to help the jobless, or to lift inflation, or for the general economy. No, it is now and has always been to boost the stock market. I know that this isn't part of the Fed's mandate, but why would that matter to a group of secret bankers? Just two days ago, when the market (ES) was trading at a shockingly low level of 1875.00, word came from on-high that a Fed member mentioned a possible QE4 action. Could it … [Read more...]