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About Avid Trader

For every trade there is a buyer, and a seller. One is wrong, and the other is right. Which one are you?

AvidTrader’s opinion and ideas help you to be on the right side of your trade. Follow the links above for more info.

What We Do

Every day since 1995, AvidTrader has provided everything from trading ideas and trading tools, to a popular hangout for traders from around the world. is THE community for all types of Traders. Whether you are a novice trader seeking to greatly improving your skills or seasoned professional needing more insight for your trades, AvidTrader will provide those benefits for you.

How It Works For You

Since 1995 AvidTrader has provided trading ideas that help you to make money. The last place you want to try navigating alone is the fast-moving financial markets. And at AvidTrader, you are not alone. AvidTrader led the way in March 1996 with its live Traders Chat. Members of AvidTrader can share their own ideas and strategies with each other on a daily basis in real-time.

Who We Are

AvidTrader began publishing in November 1995, faxing stock picks derived from its proprietary charting and technical analysis techniques. The first in its category to be listed on Yahoo, soon thousands of readers were checking AvidTrader’s daily market commentary. Embracing the internet, AvidTrader launched the web’s first free-access traders chat in March 1996

We’ve been quoted or reviewed by,, Business Week, Dow Jones MarketWatch, Minyanville, Online Investor, Washington Post, Barron’s, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, CNBC, Investors Business Daily, CyBerNews and USA Today. In September 2002, Barron’s magazine compared AvidTrader’s decision support community to Yahoo and AOL,

“There are better places to chat. One of the best is The hosted chat room is all business…populated by serious traders who don’t have time for small talk. The messages don’t always fly fast and furiously, but they’re meaty.”

Online Investor magazine said,

“Smart writing and design make this a comfy virtual hangout… Includes chat rooms that attract a classier-than-average crowd.”